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Roxanne's Birkenstock has been in business since 1976, continuing over 45 years worth of experience in the comfort shoe industry. We started in San Luis Obispo in the Creamery on Higuera Street. The store was only 288 square feet, with only six styles of Birkenstocks and only one color of each.

Birkenstock shoes were the first comfort shoes in the marketplace, and since we were one of the first places to sell them in the United States, we educated everyone on this new type of shoe. We taught people how they take the shape of your foot and how they have a great footbed and arch, which make them wonderful for walking and standing. We have strong family connections with Birkenstock and are one of the first retailers of their footwear. Since then we have grown, but our dedication has only strengthened over time.
We are now much larger in locations and have a warehouse for online sales. With over 50 brands of comfort shoes to pick from, the closet is full.

I wondered the first day the business started in 1977 what it would grow into in the next few years, never imagining it would be a family business and have so many employees... some have been with us for over 20 years!

We have been to Germany and met the Birkenstock family. We owe it all to Margot Frazer for bringing Birkenstock to the USA back in the 60's. In the last few years Roxanne's Birkenstock has grown into not only a successful family business, but also a flourishing and reliable retailer of comfort shoes as well.

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